Today's guest, Gregory Kampf, was kind enough to open his home to allow me to stay when passing through Huntington Beach, CA. We had connected like many of my connections through social media, reaching out months before about helping me when I got closer and as I did, it became a reality. Here we are, together in person, talking about Greg’s most recent bicycle adventure that he did with his partner, Lisa. They just got back from riding the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), a trail that I tell everyone to go ride. Listen to find out if he thinks the same thoughts. This wasn’t his first or only trip either, he’s been doing them since 1993, listing them off in the episode! He and Lisa are both educators so most of his and their journeys happen in the summer months and during school vacations. Greg is retired now but he shares the pros of being in the education field and his own love for service and teaching, as he started teaching at the bottom, as a tutor and a playground supervisor and finishing his career as superintendent.

Gregory tells us about how he was the first person in his family to go to college and become an educator. His love for teach also fed his love for adventures on his bicycle. One of those adventures led to the one thing we all wish to avoid, an accident. Greg shares his struggles after his accident, being hit at 60 mph, that left him with a broken leg in 2 places, pelvic ring expansion and other issues while on vacation near Kansas City, MO requiring him to be med flighted. After being laid up for 5 weeks, Greg returned to work as superintendent in a wheelchair, seeing the students even more eye to eye. He just had to move at a slower planned out pace, but he overcame his injuries putting in the extra effort and was able to get back to working at full swing and ultimately being able to get back to riding.

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