The sign, "Make A Stranger Smile... Be The Change" has been part of my journey since September 2018 when I joined my host family on The PMA Bike Ride with founder, Joe Cox, while in Philadelphia, PA. As a bike messenger, Joe saw so many people and street citizens down on their luck. During the 2016 elections he felt defeated and truly felt that the only way to help is within the immediate community. Joe states, “in a world filled with so much negativity it should be clear that we should do everything we can to make a stranger smile. Be the change, now spread love and PMA.” Joe’s hope is to get The PMA Bike Rides in every major neighborhood throughout the country and ultimately around the world. His goal is becoming a reality with PMA being spread in Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, New York City and in parts of Canada. Listen to the episode and if your interested in getting involved reach out to The PMA Bike Ride! The world needs more love and PMA!


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