I met up with longtime friend and member of the One Pedal At A Time Movement, Rob Loesher while visiting Haverhill, MA. Ironically, Rob and I both got into cycling around the same time and have both used it as a tool for keeping our physical and mental health in check. We also took our first ride together from start to finish before recording this episode. Before cycling, Rob had a love for music that continues to this day. He really enjoys sharing that entertainment, that has been nearly nonexistent over the last year with the pandemic in Massachusetts and around the world. It hit us all hard the lack of interactions and gatherings. At the begin it was so hard but this was the chance for him to take his music to a new level. Like me, when I got it Cycling, Rob got into playing music for the wrong reasons but we both have found our real reasons for our activities. Rob is currently working on a new album and an amazing song called “Save Me” and you can hear a preview on his website, link below and stay tuned for the full album release.  

Check out Rob's website:


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