I went to Vashon Island to spend a couple days at the AYH Ranch Campground where I met a couple of interesting people. I had just arrived and was unsure where in the open field I wanted to setup camp. After some time, I decided to move closer to the parking area and the buildings on the property. I grabbed my stuff to move when I heard a loud motorcycle pull in. Moments later I start talking with its passengers Devin and Rowan. We kicked it off right away and before I knew it, they were telling me stories that I needed to share with you all. This weekend was also Devin’s 32nd birthday and it was great to spend time with them and share an amazing dinner. We planned to record earlier in the day, but life happened meaning the neighbor started mowing as I was getting ready to record, so we ended up getting to it later.

Listen as Devin and Row share their types of work, the adventure they have done, and the challenges faced along the journey. Row also shares her secret identity but really you already know it, she is a romance novel writer with like 14 books published! Her real identity has been kept a secret to protect her profession, what is it? We talk about that secret profession, her full-time profession and how her career has taken her on some epic adventures.


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