I knew when I hit the Pacific coast highway that I would see cyclists touring the ACA route and maybe some hikers along the way. I didn't expect to see so many at camp and they all had an amazing story to share! We all set up camps, got cleaned up, ate and then it was time to record at Standish Hickey State Recreation Area. We start the conversation with Brittany.

Brittany is partnered with Tom on a trip that the took from their current home in Eugene OR to Fort Bragg CA to relive a segment they did together in 2016 with their dog. After the bicycling, they upgraded to the RV and continued travelling until the pandemic. Now they have reintroduced themselves to travel with bikes again before picking up roots and beginning travel again. Listen to their story!


11:58 Then we have Jack and Hannah. A father/daughter combination on a trip around North California and enjoying some rock climb before and after the cycle portion. They are the first such combination I have met on this journey. Listen As Jack shares what inspired these journeys and a huge shoutout to his wife, Laura, who inspired these journeys. Oh yeah, he went across the country with his son 4 years earlier and I forgot to mention, they are on a tantum! Hannah was not wanting to do the same thing as her brother, she wanted to something different! Can you relate? Hannah Loves rock-climbing and wanted to combine that into her adventure with dad. The plans didn't go to plan from day one and they modified adapted and overcame. Listen to as they overcome these challenges together!


31:50 Then we finish it off with the high energy and this episode’s cohost, Adam! He started in Johnson City, TN making it to the west coast and now going north through California on CA-1, He says, "I'll tell you what California has been nuts" listen to what he means in the episode! The peaceful start to his ride then turning into amazing times but chaos, like that of my own journey. He was inspired after returning as a Peace Corps Volunteer and experiencing Africa. He needed movement in his life and started thinking, how he could explore America. Now hopes to become a full-time writer and is seeking out schools now. See about his adventures HERE and INSTAGRAM

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