When I was on my way to Bend, Oregon, I had no idea where I was going to stay or what I would be able to do while I was there. Well, my host before arriving to Bend knew some in town and reached out. The next thing I knew I was talking to Nick Larson about staying in his tiny home that he is selling (if it has gone yet). Anyway, we both quickly learn that we had a lot of stuff in coming. One of those things is biking and the need for adventure. We made plans to do some downhill mountain biking, a new experience for me, for an afternoon at Mt. Bachelor. It was a great time other than ripping my shorts up towards the end of the day. Listen as we talk about that then we transition to the other thing we had in common, overcoming tragedy.


As many know I was hit by a car in October, and I am now back on the road fighting to not be afraid of the roadways and vehicles on them. It's a challenge even with all my experiences! The same goes for Nick in a different situation. It was Memorial Weekend 2020, Nick was planning a quick day to Mount Hood, when things didn't go to plan! What was planned as a couple hour day change into moments of life or death! Listen as we talk about this whiteout event and the chance to overcome his tragedy with those involved in his rescue. It’s really a powerful one that I hope someone is inspired by!

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See another podcast with the account of what happened both from the rescuee and the rescuer's point of view. I cried throughout this episode with many emotions occurring.

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Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR) were the ones that did the rescue for Nick and stayed with him through and past the rescue. These volunteers are the reason Nick get to continue what he loves today!


Please consider contributing to help others in their time of need HERE


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