We were in the heat so much our days leading up to this chat, that we made sure we did this episode indoors with Air Conditioning running. This episode, we have a repeat guest and 3 new guests to chat with on the episode. Let’s start with our repeat guest, Mark, who was on our August 5th, 2021, episode titled, “FFR: Another One PTC” when we had the chance to talk about his own bicycle ride with fellow old man Martin from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA. Anyway, I’ve been swamped lately trying to get things done as I finish my own journey and asked my friend to the write up:

I was asked by Dan to do the write up for this episode of Friends From the Road podcast.  My name is Mark Ruiz, and I was lucky enough to provide support across the Mojave Desert for Dan, Scotty, Ryan Rose, and Kevin. It was great fun and an honor to serve such a great group of young adventurers. Dan, as you may know, is headed towards the end of his adventure to ride to and through all 48 states. He is on number 47 and will complete his ride October 10 in Las Vegas. He ended up being an inspiration to the others, whom I will introduce in a sec, by his determination, positivity, and dedication to his cause, suicide awareness.

Scotty and Ryan Rose set out from San Diego to ride/rollerblade across the country. Scotty is providing support to Ryan for her attempt to break the Guinness speed record for rollerblading across the country. Scotty rides his fully loaded bicycle and provides encouragement and carries most of their equipment and lots of water. Ryan rollerblades and/or walks, when necessary, in her rollerblades 35 to 65+ miles per day. Some roads are smooth, and some are dirt roads. Scotty is there to help her up when she falls, which isn’t very often. They are also doing their adventure for Suicide Awareness. Learn more about their journey at https://www.ryanrolls.com/ and on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ryanthegrill/

Kevin is a machinist who bought his bike ($25), welded brackets for disc breaks, made his own frame bag and decided to ride his bike to go see family in Philadelphia. This is his second bike tour and his longest. I think Kevin was very happy to be riding with others as he expected to not see anyone for a while. Follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kruser_kev/

And myself, I am retired, and met Dan while on a bike tour this summer. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge together with 4 other new friends. I offered to assist him across the desert. He hesitated at first but finally said Ok. I’m so glad he did. I got to spend some special time with Dan and met 3 more Friends From The Road.

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Support Dan’s Cause for Suicide Awareness at Opaatmovement.com

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