With so many people working from home, it's important to keep a health balance of personal and work time. My next guest dealt with the struggle of not having a healthy balance. Listen to his story and be inspired! 

I met up and stayed with my friend Mike O'Handley in Taunton, Mass while on my trip in New England. I met Mike around 2014 at his mechanic shop where he was working and living at the time. Every time we hung out regardless of the time of day or even night, Mike was working. He worked hard but missed the second half of that quote until early 2019 when the business was struggling, and Mike had done everything he could but it wasn’t enough. Mike thought he could fix things by pulling out lines of credit, but it just made things worse. The stresses of trying to keep it going and not having a healthy balance work and home led him to meet with a specialist for help and that’s when the transition began. Mike set boundaries by separating work and casual time while also going to fulfill the quote “Work hard, Play hard” with playing hard! Now going on adventures and on a new path, a path that started when he finally was willing to accept help and find balance. Listen as we talk about his OPAAT activity and it’s not pedal.

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