I got the chance to have a conversation with an old friend from the road, Erik Barstow, which I met when I travelled to his property in July 2018. The stay stuck out more for me then Erik because the property he now owns and operates the Rattle River Lodge and Hostel is at its busiest time in July and August, the time I was there. Erik was fully booked but gave me a place to stay in a house tent out back in the woods because of my mission and our veteran brotherhood. It was a nice separate place away from the rest, it was amazing. The things that stuck out the most for me was the way through hikers packed. I left the hostel with at least 20 pounds less weight, Erik and others helped with the process. Now back, today the property is different, the tent house is gone, and a larger parking lot took its spot. Listen as Erik talks about his fight with Lyme Disease, how he came to own a hostel on the Appalachian Trail, the improvements he has made since my first visit and the new venture with E-bikes, to bring more activities to the White Mountains area. Listen to our conversation.


Follow Erik and all thats happening in the white mountains at:

Rattle River Hostel



E-Bike White Mountains (Coming Summer 2021)

Cross NH Trail

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