00:00 We start the conversation with the oldest guy in the group, Paul Grigoruk, who is 77 years old and doing a section of the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Orange County. This is something he has done every year for nearly 30 years! He will make the trip to about 10 miles away from home from which he will have his wife come get him with his pickup, where he gets her involved. They have made their marriage last now for 55 years! Paul and I have been camping together for several days; he gets up super early, 4:30am and is on the rode before 6am to avoid the morning traffic and he motivated me to get moving earlier. If this old guy can do, so should I, just not that early.

06:22 Our next guest is Troy Mayers, who has been into Mountain biking for over 30 years in the Santa Cruz area, that’s when they weren’t the bikes we have today. Now forced into earlier retirement because of the pandemic, he has got further into biking with gravel biking and starting short local tours before linking all of that into the larger picture with longer tours hoped for in the future. This trip was to make it to Big Sur CA through alternative routes. When I met Troy, he was doing just that, recon to a route to avoid cars and making it safe that much longer, I was unsure and didn’t go with him and went the crazy way, listen to how it went for him on his way to camp.

12:49 Matty and Taylor is a couple doing their first bike adventure together. Matty, is from Australia, did this route in 2019, which he says was completed different from this one. Listen to find out why! Matty met Taylor at the end of his tour and on their first date, he showed up to the date in bike clothes and he knew she was the one when she said she would love to do things like that. Now going full circle, they are reliving how they met and doing it together. Taylor has done short little trips but nothing to this magnitude, and after day 2 who would think they would make it. They share the events of Day 2! Also they are doing this as Vegans, something I was always found interesting while on the road, listen as they share how they survive. Follow their adventures

Matty Freedom



26:21 Ollie Day and Daniel Khorrami are two friends that have been friends since they were toddlers, being neighbors. They are on their first tour going from their hometown, Seattle, to Las Angeles to visit a buddy going to school there. They were on a hike when the idea came about a year ago, then 6 months ago they started kind of planning. Then a month before they set a date, June 6th. That date came and they were like “let’s leave the 9th” and then they were off. They have known each other practically their whole lives yet on this trip they would learn things about each other you only learn with this type of travel. They also share a story about the emerald triangle, murder mountain, the events leading up to it and the road angel that came to the rescue, this is a must hear! They referenced this film on Netflix, see it HERE. They share the some of the experiences they have had up to this point including the road angel they had that morning.

40:36 Cody Bryan is our last and youngest guest on the episode! He is from my home state of New Hampshire and ended up on this journey kind of by accident. He got out of college early and went back to working at his previous summer job and hated it! He quit and thought what should I do now? He knew a friend that just finished a coast-to-coast trip and got info about it. Then talked to another friend of a friend that did the Pacific Coast and then was set. Two days before leaving he bought his ticket and boxed up the bike. With the help of a friend, Hannah Fry, which helped him prepare and get started. So, he kind of just rolled into this whole situation. He also has acquired multiple pairs of shoes for climbing and trail running in between the biking, because that’s not enough. Listen as Cody shares his story while we are in Big Sur for the night! Even at 20, he reminds us to just try to go have fun.

I hope you Enjoyed this Lineup on another Picnic Table Chat (PTC) and stay tuned for another episode coming soon!


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