Well I keep running into these amazing people in groups that weren't groups before. So we have yet another one, a Picnic Table Chat this time at Gualala Regional Park. Cyclists out on our own adventures but have this time together.

00:00 Eddie was planning to originally do this journey early 2020 when those plans were halted. With a history of camping and backpacking he wanted to see more but go longer distances with limited time. Bicycle touring and the Pacific Coast seemed to be the spot and the way to accomplish what he wanted. He started with a bicycle bag because starting somewhere was better than nothing. Last year, he instead did Pittsburgh to Washington DC via the GAP and C and O trail. This year, he had 3 weeks off work to ride from Seattle WA to San Francisco CA. With hopes to do more adventures overseas, with thoughts of Italy. Follow him on INSTAGRAM to see all his adventures!

08:49 Our next two guests are Mark and Marty, the old guys of the group. Mark known as the slow guy is 63 years old and Martin is 73. They have been cycling buddies for 27 years now and coworkers in the education field for over 30 years. The first adventure was Seattle WA to Mexico. This trip is reliving a segment of that ride and a route they have done many times. They haven't let age stopped them, this trip started in Portland OR and will end in San Francisco CA. They love adventure and though age is a factor, they keep moving. Listen as Mark shares a hilarious story from the day on the road. Great guys, No shame! 

21:02 Our third segment is with Brandon that spent the night with me the night before  in Manchester CA at the KOA and road some miles with me that morning. He did his first tour 10 years ago with a friend which changed his life to a life of travelling. The last couple months he has been back home with his parents. He felt stuck and the way to change that moving. He borrowed his mom's bike with some gear and took off on the public transit to Fort Bragg CA and is working back to his parents home in the Bay area. He will finish and start his van life after and plans to work in the river areas as an experienced river guide. He loves the water and the beaches are the same for him, he enjoys the breaks and we share a moment when he is torn to ride or stop. Follow him on his adventures on INSTAGRAM 

27:15 Our Last Guest is Patrick, which came from Germany to see more of America after visiting here 30 years before. He started this journey in April 2021 in Savannah, GA on the one year anniversary of his best mates death. He didn't know what to expect but started in the warmth heading across in a northerly direction. Warmth changed to riding through snow, ice and cold then back to the warmth changing time zones along the way. Patrick shares his experiences of over 4000 miles and will also finish in SF where he catches a plane home. He enjoys getting on his bicycle and the freedom of touring, we all in this episode can relate in this! He shares his experience of seeing another cycling tourist for the first time and the encounters he had along with other experiences with "road angels". Amazing stories were shared and memories that couldn't had been without the bicycle. Set mini goals to accomplish the larger goal as patrick says listen to his amazing adventure through america.


This was a great line up and I hope you enjoy the stories and find your own inspiration and motivation to do your own journeys whether that's on a bicycle or other form or movement. Stay Encouraged!


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