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I had a chat with my friend from the road, Dan Thompson, a friend I made while riding through South Bend, IN. Dan grew up in South bend and didn't do ...View Details

Originally Aired: February 22, 2021 Movement Monday has two guests that have been longtime friends, Joel Wood and Wendell Moore, on the series to disc...View Details

Originally Aired: February 15, 2021 Today’s co-host is Air Force Veteran Michael Minor here to discuss an organization within Garmin called GPS VETS. ...View Details

Originally Aired: February 8, 2021 Movement Monday has Sylvie D'Aoust on the series to talk about her Secrets from the Saddle. She shares parts of her...View Details

Originally Aired: February 1, 2021 JT Frank co-hosts Movement Monday to talk about Consequence of Habit podcast and new nonprofit organization. Listen...View Details

Originally Aired: January 25, 2021 Glen Bloomstrom cohosting the series to share with us, LivingWorks Education. Back on episode two of Movement Monda...View Details

Originally Aired: January 18, 2021 Seth Rockwell, a Friend from the Road, joins us this week to chat about vanlife and the love for the great outdoors...View Details

Originally Aired: January 11, 2021 Thomas Elpel of Green University connects with the Movement Monday series! Episode 7, I want to thank you for liste...View Details

Originally Aired: January 4, 2021 Singer and Songwriter, Jeffrey Steele, joins the series to discuss the love for music with the love for skateboardin...View Details

Originally Aired: December 28, 2020 Family ADDventures, Nicole Santiago, joins the Movement Monday series to discuss “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity ...View Details

Originally Aired: December 21, 2020 American Gold Star Mother and U.S. Marine Veteran, Lee-Ann Forsythe, assumes co-hosting duties today on “Movement ...View Details

Originally Aired: December 14, 2020 Alex had travelled 19 states by the time he met up with me in Moab, UT. None of which he planned to originally do ...View Details

Originally Aired: December 7, 2020 Welcome Everyone to “Movement Monday” a NEW series on “Heart of a Volunteer: Veterans Podcast” with me, Daniel Hurd...View Details

Originally Aired: November 30, 2020 We go back to the first episode of Movement Monday! The Inspiration and and building block that created the Friend...View Details

In the Introduction episode of Friends from the Road Podcast, we talk about the history of the host Daniel Hurd and the many transitions he has faced....View Details

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