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We were in the heat so much our days leading up to this chat, that we made sure we did this episode indoors with Air Conditioning running. This episod...View Details

Today's guest, Gregory Kampf, was kind enough to open his home to allow me to stay when passing through Huntington Beach, CA. We had connected like ma...View Details

10 Month Update Listen to what this episode is about! The road till now, the struggles, the road ahead, October 10th, 2021 and the plan moving forward...View Details

00:00 We start the conversation with the oldest guy in the group, Paul Grigoruk, who is 77 years old and doing a section of the Pacific Coast from San...View Details

Well I keep running into these amazing people in groups that weren't groups before. So we have yet another one, a Picnic Table Chat this time at Guala...View Details

I knew when I hit the Pacific coast highway that I would see cyclists touring the ACA route and maybe some hikers along the way. I didn't expect to se...View Details

An update from the host, Daniel Hurd, on restarting his journey. The challenges faced to this point and the road ahead. Listen as Dan shares the emoti...View Details

When I was on my way to Bend, Oregon, I had no idea where I was going to stay or what I would be able to do while I was there. Well, my host before ar...View Details

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